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Global Talent

Are you an exceptional individual?

Let's show Australia what you've got! 

This program offers a streamlined, priority visa pathway for highly skilled individuals to work and live permanently in Australia. The program is designed to strengthen Australia’s ability to compete for the world’s best and brightest skilled migrants and grow Australian businesses of the future.

Individuals must evidence their internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in an eligible field, including a profession, a sport, the arts and academia and research. Thresholds for evidence include that you: are prominent in your field; have superior abilities to others in your field; are acclaimed as exceptional in any country where your field is practised; and have a record of sustained achievement unlikely to diminish in the near future.

Individuals must further evidence their benefit to the Australian community; and their ability to establish themselves in their field in Australia. 

Individuals must be nominated to apply for this visa; and the Nominator must hold a national reputation in the same field. 




This information relates to Subclass 858 visa. Please contact KTA Migration for migration advice specific to your circumstances.