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PLEASE NOTE: The RSMS Subclass 187 visa program will close from 16 November 2019.


RSMS Nominations lodged before 16 November 2019, will be taken to have been withdrawn on 16 November 2019 if:

1. the Nomination has not been approved or refused before 16 November 2019, and
2. the Nominee is not a transitional 457 or 482 employee, and
3. the Nominee has not lodged 187 visa application before 16 November 2019.


The RSMS subclass will remain open for applicants who:

1. on 20 March 2019, held a TSS Subclass 482 visa in the Medium-term stream (or was an applicant for a TSS Subclass 482 visa in the Medium-term stream that was   subsequently granted), or

2. on 18 April 2017 held a Subclass 457 visa (or was an applicant for a Subclass 457 visa that was subsequently granted).




This information relates to Subclass 187 visas. Please contact KTA Migration for migration advice specific to your circumstances.